Soprano Ukuleles

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Kona Soprano Ukulele £29.99

The Kona Soprano range features 11 different coloured instruments made from linden plywood with a maple bridge, open geared machine heads and gloss finish. Supplied with a colour-matched carrying bag and full colour packaging.

The 21" Soprano series features smooth accurate frets and is perfect for beginners. Carefully designed with exceptional build-quality, playability and tone. Nickel plated machine heads that hold pitch more securely.

  • Mahalo Rainbow Red
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Mahalo Rainbow Soprano Ukulele £29.99

Mahalo Rainbow Series ukuleles feature geared machine heads to keep you in tune longer and Graph Tech NuBone XB bridge saddles to increase projection and bass response. Aquila Super Nylgut strings are fitted to produce a fuller, louder and more balanced sound. Complete with carry bag, the Mahalo Rainbow Series represents outstanding value for money. Body:Sengon, Neck:Jabon, Fingerboard: Mahogany.  Avalible in various colours. 

  • Mahalo smily pink
  • Mahalo smily blue
  • Mahalo smily yellow

Mahalo U Smile Soprano Ukulele £35.95

Mahalo U-Smile series is everyone’s favourite. These ukes stand out in a crowd, making them a fun conversation starter. The smiley face will have your friends laughing and playing along. Body:Sengon. Neck: Jabon Fingerboard: Mahogany. Comes with a Carry bag. 

  • Mahalo Skull Ukulele
  • Mahalo skull

Mahalo Skull Soprano Ukulele £45.00

 From the Mahalo Creative series a skull shaped Ukuele with a coffin shaped headstock.  The body is Sengon, neck: Jabon and Maghoany fingerboard, with a crackle finish to add to this spectre of a ukulele. Comes with a carry bag. Avalible in Black or white.

Hudson HUK120s - £49.99

Ideal entry-level, performance-grade ukulele. It demonstrates the brand’s all new light-weight construction and specially designed finely geared machine heads for ensured tuning stability. These instruments display a build quality that exceeds most other instruments at this price point.

Taiga Soprano Ukulele £69.99

Fantastic  value soprano uke, excellent for beginners or advancing players. An All Spruce ukulele it gives a unique and pleasing tone. Comes with a deluxe padded gig bag. Perfect as a present or a gift for yourself.

Kala Kiwi Soprano Ukulele £89.99

Express yourself in more ways than one with the all-new, completely redone and more affordable Kala Novelty Ukulele Series. Bright & colorful in what is called the pineapple size. With eye-catching character and an abundance of personality from top to bottom, these ukuleles offer the lasting quality you have come to expect from Kala Instruments. Underneath these designs is a trusty mahogany build, making the Novelty Series just as fun to play as they are to display. 

Kala KA 15-S Soprano Ukulele Package £129.99

Considered the best entry-level ukulele on the market, the KA-15S. This ukulele is an entry level staple for new players and a great addition for seasoned players looking to add an affordable, high-quality, attractive soprano ukulele to their collection. Anyone looking to get their money’s worth in an instrument should start with the KA-15S. Mahongany top, back and sides. Comes in a package, with a deluxe gig bag, tuner and strap.

Pukanala Pu-Sun-S Soprano Ukulele £129.99

The Native series has a distinctive appearance with its black gloss body and natural neck and headstock. It features a soundhole rosette motive inspired by traditional artwork which matches the colour of the binding on the body of the instrument. Solid spruce top,Solid  mahogany back and sides. Rosewood fretboard. Good quality geared machine heads. Fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings.

Korala UKS-450-E Soprano Ukulele £179.99

An Electro- Acoustic Soprano Ukulele with a Fishman EQ pick up system. Solid Spruce top with Saple back and sides, finished with guitar style machine heads and ivory pinstripe binding.

Freshman FU 3S Electro Acoustic Soprano Ukulele £229

This ukulele is constructed with all koa, a beautiful Hawaiian wood which sounds better as it ages, with a long heritage in ukulele making. The soprano size and smooth rosewood fingerboard make for extremely comfortable playability. The ukulele is fitted with a Fishman Kula ukulele pre amp with on board tuner.

Antonio Pinto Carvalho Soprano Ukulele £229

A great instrument, hand made in portugal by renowned instrument maker Antonio Pinto Carvalo. Apc was created in 1976 producing traditional portugese instruments, they have used their knowledge in tradtional instrument making and modern technologies to create this fantastic ukulele. An all Koa instrument it has a wonderful tone that will keep you playing for years. 

Kala Klipse ukulele Tuner £13.95
Kala Ukulele Amp 5w £59.95

Ukulele Straps From £9.99
Ukulele Padded Bags From £15.95

Aquilla Ukulele Strings £7.99
Ululele Stands From £13.99