Tuned Percussion

Percussion Plus Glockenspeil 2.5 Octave Outfit £159.00

Percussion Plus pride themselves on their ability to create tuned percussion instruments with excellent intonation and this glockenspiel is no exception. Each individual chime is carefully tuned and makes a beautifully balanced crystal-clear sound. Each glock is supplied in a useful reinforced carry case and comes with all the essentials: height-adjustable doubled-braced stand, clip-on music shelf, and a pair of beaters with plastic heads. When not using the glockenspiel, its stand can be used with the drum practice pad which is also included in the bundle along with a pair of wooden drum sticks.

  • Percussion Plus fully chromatic soprano glockenspiel
  • 2.5 octave
  • Note range F33 - C64
  • Sturdy double braced stand
  • Includes beaters, practice pad and bag

Untuned Percussion