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Stagg CAJ Cajon/Bonjo £169.00
Meinl Mini Cajon £24.95
Hayman Cajon (30x30x48) £99.00
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Stagg Kids Cajon with back rest (avalible in Blue or Pink) £99.00
Buy Haymon Cajon and Stagg Kids Cajon together £160.00
Talking drun £99.00
Pair of Clay Tabla's £49.99
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Percussion Plus Bongo's in blue and Natural £49.99

World Rhythm Djembe Drums - Wooden African Drums.

 This World Rhythm Wooden Djembe Drum is a lightweight, child and adult friendly, African-Style drum. Available in a range of sizes, it is an excellent choice of percussion drum for educational use or adding to percussion outfits.
Manufactured in Asia with a beautiful African-Style design, this djembe drum features a durable, wooden shell which aids in creating the deep, bass tone and sharp slap sound. To ensure authenticity, this djembe drum is rope-tuned and features a natural goat skin head.

Avalible in 
- 7” Djembe – 40cm (H) x 17.80cm (W) - 2.65kg (Weight) £69.99
- 9” Djembe – 50cm (H) x 22.85cm (W) - 3.81kg (Weight) £99.00

World Rhythm Djembe Drums in Orange

Want to create authentic African-style drumming? The roped tuned djembe will transport you to an African sunset as soon as you start playingit. The synthetic shell ensures the djembe is weather resistant suiting any conditions, whilst the authentic goat skin head and rope tuning will keep you creating endless new sounds and tones to help you make unique African-style rhythms and melodies. This drum is perfect for bands, school percussions groups, professionals and beginners alike, coming in a warm orange finish, giving the drum an authentic African look.

Avalible in 
- 9" Djembe - 40cm (H) x 23cm (W) – 1.86kg (weight) £59.99
- 10" Djembe - 50cm (H) x 26cm (W) – 2.72kg (weight) £99.00

Promark giant sticks £49.99
Firestix (light up) £19,99 (red, green, blue, mango & purple in stock)
Clayton Nightmare On Elm Street £9.99
Vik Firth Wood Tips £13.99
Vik Firth Nylon Tips £12.49
Pomark Oak 5a only £14.99 Wood
Silver Fox Wood 5a Only £11.50
Stagg American Hickory 5a Only Wood £10
Stagg American Hickory 5a Only Nylon £10.90
Pin Ups £12.95
Hot Sticks £11.50 (purple, green, orange 7A only)
Promark Rebound Wood 5A Only £11,99
DW Sticks 2B nylon tip only
Promark Active Wav (Glen Kotache) £15,99
Vik Firth Steve Gadd £14.50
Stick Bucket Assorted £3.50 each

Paiste PST 3 20" Ride
Paiste PST3 18" China
Paiste Alpha 16" Crash £160.00
Paiste 101 Hi Hats
Solar By Sabian Hi Hats
Dixon PSH9290 Hi Hat £86.40
Dixon PSH 9290 Cymbal Stand Boom £69.30
Dixon PSY 9280 Cymbal £53.00
Mapex Hi Hat Stand H200 £49.99
XCG Snare Stand


Dixon Kick Bass Pedal £64.99
Dixon Double Kick Bass Pedal £138.00
Cymbal Bag (Kinsman) £29.99
Attitude Stick Bag £19.99
Large Ritter Stick Bag £9.99
Coffin Stick Case £69.99
Cowbells From £8.99
Cowbell Holders £5.99
Promo Bamboo Rods (small) £15.99 (lge) £17.99
Savage Brushes £18.99
Carbo Rods £19.99
Mallats Med, Soft & Hard £23.50
The Hand Drum Gel £6.99

Ear Plugs From £1.49 - £25.95 (Thunder Plugs, Planet Wave, Linear Pro, Pro Guard (molded)
Drum Keys, Lugs, Wing Nuts, Bolts, Felts. Drum Clutch, Snare Strands, Hardware Cleaner, Cymbal Cleaner