World Rythm Didgeridoo Hand Painted Lizard Design £39.99

The World Rhythm Didgeridoo is a unique, fun and affordable instrument for anyone to pick up and learn to play. Categorised into the tuned percussion family, this one-of-a-kind Australian instrument compliments any percussive outfit.

Manufactured with durable plastic, this fantastic aboriginal instrument features a stunning hand-painted design to add style and decoration.

The didgeridoo is renowned for its distinctive bass sound and melodic overtones which is ideal for curious musicians looking to experiment with a diverse and native musical instrument.

Designs Vary due to being hand painted. 

World Rythm Australian Didgeridoo £39.99

Recognised globally for its deep resonant sound, the didgeridoo is one of the world’s oldest woodwind instruments. World Rhythm has designed this particular iconic instrument to provide a traditional look and sound for the best playing experience.

Hand painted, this didgeridoo’s PVC construction features a tribal design to maintain a high level of authenticity. Its low tone allows this instrument to serve as a great addition to your percussive mix.