Heil Microphones

Heil Sound builds world class Microphones for stage, studio, broadcast and podcast... What makes a Heil Mic different?

Just because a signal - vocal, guitar, drums et al - is loud it still has frequency range that needs to be reproduced accurately. Too often microphone designers roll off their frequency response as a compromise resulting in a muffled sound. Bob Heil's firm stance on designing only large diaphragm dynamic mics - no condensers! - ensures that the signal going in is reproduced faithfully even at high SPL.

When micing a stage with multiple microphones "bleed" is a major issue. Signals from the drum mics, for instance, will find their way into the vocals and the stage sound - as well as the sound out in the house - becomes an unmanageable mush. Bob took a page from his ham radio and antenna design days and created microphones that have a high -40dB of rear rejection.

PR20 SUT and PR20UT from the PR20 Utility Range are kept in stock at store.

All other Heil Microphones are avalible for next day delivery, please contact us for more information.