Guitar Man 10 watt Amplifier £53.99

A great entry level practice amp with overdrive perfect for a beginner. Auxiliary Cable 1M
Guitar Jack 6M. 8ohm Speaker.

Guitar Man GMB15 Bass Amplifer £63.99

Small portable guitar amp, great for home use. Features: Volume, Gain, High Mid, Low Mid, Low, High, AUX IN, HEADPHONE PORT. 

Guitar Man GML 15r Amplifier

15 watt guitar amp, light and portable.
Speaker; 1 x 8″ 8 ohm. Gain, overdrive on/off, volume. EQ; High/mid/low, Reverb
Inputs; Guitar 1/4″ jack, tape/cd/aux, headphones 

Carlsbro 10B Guitar Amp £69.99

Carlsbro 10watt guitar amplifier with bluetooth.Single channel with overdrive switch
2 band EQ, Echo effect with level control, Bluetooth playback connectivity, 3.5mm line input socket
3.5mm headphone output socket

Viper30 Bass Amp Combo £199

The VIPER 30, with its 30W power-stage, will floor you with its hard-hitting punch. A compact bass combo, its pre-amp features 3 Band EQ. The decisive and specially voiced Carlsbro Powertone 10” bass speaker will deliver that low bassend with ease.  30W Solid State Stability ,1 x 10" Combo
Full rounded bass tone with full EQ section, CD / MP3 Input

Kinnsman 10w Guitar Amp £69.99

Kinsman guitar combos are ideal for beginners and students with limited space and sound level issues. Versatility is the underlying theme for the BB10, with an individual Gain Control and Drive/ Clean push button, the BB10 is adaptable to all music styles, from crystal clear country, warm jazz, soaring blues and edgy hard rock.There’s also a headphone socket for silent practicing


Mooer Silvereye 10 Amplifier £129.99

Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker and Desktop Instrument Amplifier, 2 x 16 watts
3 Playback EQ Presets (Live / Bypass / DBB)
- wireless bluetooth connectivity for AUX input
- Front-side controls for Volume Gain, Treble Bass and Master, Bluetooth ON / OFF switch
- Front-side connectors for input ( 6,3 mm mono jack), Aux ( 3,5 mm stereo jack) .

Mooer Hornet Modelling Amplifier £149.99

15 Watt guitar amp. 9 amp models of assorted styles, array of built-in effects. 6.5” speaker Modulation, delay and reverb effects, Store and recall up to 9 user presets, Precision instrument tuner, 2 operation modes LIVE/PRESET, Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, AUX IN for audio playback from an ext device, Dedicated headphones output.

Eden EN8 Micro Nemisis 15 Watt Bass Amplifier £80.00

The perfect amp for newbies or as a small practice amp, the Eden E8 is a quality little bass combo. Featuring an Eden designed 8" speaker it's the perfect amp for starters.This amp will help you develop proper technique at an earlier stage of playing. Begin to master songs and advance to the next level.  15W Output Power, Inputs: 1x 1/4" Jack, Outputs: 8" Speaker, 1/4" Jack Headphone socket, Volume and Tone controls

Fender Ramparte Tube Amplifier £195.00

2-channel tube amp with distinctive, retro-inspired styling and sound. Custom-voiced 12" Special Design Ramparte Speaker. Cool channel is voiced from warm and clean to mildly gritty
Hot Channel delivers killer overdrive tones
9-watt tube amp powered by a single 6L6 power tube. Preamp section houses 2 x 12AX7 tubes
Vintage leather strap and chicken head knobs 

  • Orange-Crush-35RT-3-705x705.png
  • Orange-Crush-35RT-4-705x705.png
  • Orange-Crush-35RT-2-705x705 .png
  • Orange-Crush-35RT-1-705x705 1.png

Orange Crush 35RT Amplifier £215.00

The Crush 35RT is the largest and most feature-laden model in the Crush range with a twin channel, high gain preamp, 35 Watt output, 10″ Voice of the World speaker. Crush it with onboard reverb and an integrated chromatic tuner, also features an Aux In for backing tracks and a CabSim-loaded headphone output. Complete with a fully buffered, ultra transparent effects loop to truly get the most from your pedal setup. 


GLX PGS-5 Personal Guitar Station was £49.99 NOW £39.99

5 Watt mini electric guitar, USB rechargable practice recording amplifier. Guitar input with tone control, volume control and amp mode setting. MAster volume - Aux mic input, headphones, usb and Tf card slot. MP3 controls. Rechargable vis USB cable (included).

Peavy Ecoustic Acoustic Amp

8” premium full-range loudspeaker
Two separate channels
2-band EQ per channel
Headphone out
20 watts of clean Peavey power. £185.00

Peavy Transtube Rage 258 Amp

The Peavey Transtube Rage 258 1X8 combo With 25 watts going into an 8 inch Blue Marvel speaker. The Peavey Rage 258 is built with two switchable channels, which can be changed from lead to clean. The amp also features Peavey's Transtube emulation circuitry for a vintage tube tone. £159.99

Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Cube

60 watt combo amplifier with a 10 inch speaker; 
Featuring one channel for your guitar and a second for a mic/line signal, they both benefit from independent EQ and gain controls.
The built-in digital FX reverbs, chorus and delay. external FX loop. MP3/Auxiliary input
Headphone socket. DI out, 35mm recessed speaker pole socket £399.00 NOW £250.00

Riff RGA10 Portable Amplifier £54.99

 A great portable amplifier ideal for home use or on the go performers. It comes with a 12V power supply, but can also be powered by 6x AA batteries for portability. The AUX connection allows for the playback of external devices - great for social occasions or playing along to backing tracks. AUX input to use amp as external speaker or play along with backing tracks, 2-band EQ (Bass & Treble), Independent Gain and Master, Volume controls, Powered by 12V mains (power supply included) or 6x AA batteries, Speaker is disabled when headphones are plugged in, 10W power output with 5 inch, 8 Ohm speaker, 2 channels (Clean & Distortion).

Kala 5 Watt Ukulele Amplifier £59.95

The Kala 5-Watt Amplifier is a fun looking, affordable way to get more volume from your ukulele. The 5 watts of power are ideal for bedroom practice. The amplifier is easily portable for travelling due to its small size and light weight. The amp can be powered by either the 9VDC power supply, or by two 9V batteries, so you can play it outdoors with ease. The amp is finished in tweed with a circular grill for a classic look that will bring the attention to you for all the right reasons. Inputs: 1/4'' Jack, Aux In, Headphones, DC Input: DC9V Input for AC Adapter.



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  • Mooer DS75 1.jpg

Mooer SD75- 75 watt Amplifier Combo £299.99

25 Digital preamp models• 75W Class A/B Power amp delivered tube-like response• 28 Integrated effects including 8 drives, 9 modulations,5 delays (w/ tap tempo) 6 reverbs and a chromatic tuner• Looper, drum machine, AUX IN and bluetooth connections• 40 preset slots to backup and recall your favourtie tones,which can be easily recalled with included footswitch• Headphone output with cabinet simulation for silent practice• Serial FX Loop for easy integration with effects pedals• SPEAKER OUT for connection to external speaker cabinets

Kam RZ15AP Portable Speaker with Bluetooth £279.00

The Kam RZ12AP is a complete portable PA loudspeaker system that is fitted with a 12-inch woofer alongside a media player with USB and SD card inputs and Bluetooth connectivity for easily streaming music directly from your smartphone or tablet, also included are dual VHF wireless microphones for karaoke. Thanks to the easy-to-use, intuitive setup and portability of the speaker the RZ12AP is perfect for DJs and musicians, karaoke, schools and colleges, buskers, street performers, public speakers, vocalists and singers, aerobics and & dance instructor, and house parties.


Peavey Messenger Portable PA System £329.00

The Peavey Messenger is a complete, portable sound system designed with the compact size and carry-on convenience of a briefcase. At 24in wide, the Messenger is portable enough for business travelers, and since it is completely self contained and sets up in seconds. The Messenger's robust five-channel mixer and 100 Watt output make it ideal for an endless array of applications, from office presentations and meetings to karaoke and open-mic performances. Its top lid also functions as a lectern to hold your meeting notes or song lyrics. Complete PA system, 2 x 50 Watts RMS. Includes 2-way 4'' (102mm) speakers and a powered mixer. 4 channels with 1 dual channel inputs. 5-band graphic EQ with FLS™. Tape in RCA connectors. Line out 1/4'' (6.35mm) jack socket.  Includes PVi® microphone, XLR cable and two 12' (3.6m) speaker cables.

Mini amps,
Guitar Man- plug N play;
lead with delay
lead with metal
superlead - all £19.99

GLX PG5 - 5 watt mini amp £39.99