Baritone, Bass and Special Ukuleles

Lanikai 6 String Tenor Ukulele £259.00

The Lanikai UO6S 6 String Tenor Ukulele is a beautiful, unique ukulele packed with character and gorgeous sounds. With brightness from the solid spruce top and depth from the stunning ovangkol back and sides, the UO6S's sound is complex and balanced. The C and A strings are doubled up to create a full and rich-sounding tenor uke that sounds great on its own or as part of an ensemble. 

Brunswick Telecaster Ukulele £149.00

Telecaster shaped ukulele. A nice edition to your ukulele or guitar collection. Solid wood finished with a high gloss, complemented by a black pickgaurd. Electro Acoustic, so you can plug it in and rock the ukulele world. 

Tokai TBBU 'Cats Eyes' Baritone Ukulele £199

Solid Koa Wood body, The Tokai 'Cats Eyes' in ukulele form. Made with the same care and attention that the 'Cats Eyes' Guitars are. Limited editon. Comes with a gig bag. 

Kala Bass Ukulele SSMHG-FS £399

This U-BASS model was Kala's first bass ukulele and its design has now become something of a classic. Despite its compact size, the Kala KA-UBASS-SSMHG-FS bass ukulele has a sound with a surprising amount of punch and focus. It's even possible to amplify the sound using the specially-designed Shadow pickup. The sound can be customised using the active EQ and there's also a built-in tuner. The body is made of solid mahogany, which is what gives this U-BASS its deep sound. A gig bag is also included.

body: solid mahogany, top: solid spruce, neck: mahogany, fretboard: rosewood frets: jumbo 6105, bridge: rosewood, string nut: GraphTech TUSQ.      machine heads: Custom Hipshot, total length: 28 in, scale length: 21 in, pickup: Passive Shadow piezo, preamp: Shadow U-Bass active EQ.        colour: natural, strings: polyurethane, gig bag included

Barnes and Mullins Banjo Ukulele £279.00

Tuned and strung in the same way a ukulele, this banjo-uke makes for a perfect cross-over instrument for uke players wanting to explore the sound and feel of playing the banjo. The resonator design means this banjo sounds naturally loud and bright and is a great choice for bluegrass styles where the banjo sits at the forefront of the overall sound.