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TGI wooden Guitar Case £79.99

Wooden Hard Shell with Black Leatherette Outer Cover and Accented Stitching. Grey Plush Lining. Solid Grab Handle. Strong, Durable Metal Clasps.

Acoustic: Internal Measurements. Length: 111cm, Lower Bout: 42cm, Upper Bout: 31cm, Depth: 14cm.

Jumbo Acoustic: Internal Measurements. Length: 107cm, Lower Bout: 44cm, Upper Bout: 31cm, Depth: 14cm.

12 String: Internal Measurements. Length: 107cm, Lower Bout: 40cm, Upper Bout: 31cm, depth: 14cm.

4/4 Classical : Internal Measurements. Length: 108cm, Lower Bout: 38cm, Upper Bout: 29cm, Depth: 13cm.

Electric: Internal Measurements. Length: 101cm, Lower Bout: 32cm, Upper Bout: 32cm, Depth: 9cm. (rectangle shape)

Semi (335 style): Internal Measurements. Length: 107cm, Lower Bout: 43cm, Upper Bout: 31cm, Depth: 10cm.

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TGI ABS Guitar Case £97.00

The ''130'' hard case series feature rugged ABS vacuum formed exterior filled with dense poly-foam, and interior of black plush lining and an interlocking aluminium valance.

Acoustic: Internal Measurements. Length: 105cm, Lower Bout: 40cm, Upper Bout: 30cm, Depth: 9.5 cm.

4/4 Classical : Internal Measurements. Length: 101.5cm, Lower Bout: 38cm, Upper Bout: 29.5cm, Depth: 8 cm.

Electric: Internal Measurements. Length: 100cm, Lower Bout: 33.5cm, Upper Bout: 32cm, Depth: 5cm. (rectangle shape)

Bass: Internal Measurements. Length: 119cm, Lower Bout: 34.5cm,  Depth: 4cm. (rectangle shape).


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Music Area Deluxe Gigbags GB1 £29.99

These deluxe gigbags are water repelant, have shoulder straps and a back handle for ease of carrying. Industrial Zippers, 10mm of padding, waterproof, moisture proof, mildew proof unfading fabric and a storage pocket at the front. 

Avalible in Electric, Acoustic, Bass, and Classical sizes 

CNB Nylon gig bags £15.00

Durable black 420 denier nylon ouer will keep your guitar safe and a strengthened handle makes it easy to carry. Padded backpack straps, robust stitching and a contact pad on the bottom make this a practical gig bag for going to lessons, gigs and practices. 

Water resistant nylon outer. Sturdy Carring Handle. Quality Zips. Front accessory pocket. 

Avalible in Electric, 4/4 Classical, 3/4 Classical, and Acoustic bass

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Pod Lightweight Guitar Cases £59.99

A range of ultra lightweight guitar cases with the added benefits of high impact resistance and good insulation properties. The case has a rayon canvas outer cover, twin back straps, double handles and a large accessories pocket. The interior is fully fitted and plush lined with accessory compartment. 

Avalible in  electric, Les Paul, Strat, Classic and Acoustic.