Jupiter Jfl700e £499.00

JFL700 series straight head flutes are made for beginners. The upgrade design of the Genesis headjoint and the lip plate facilitate early success and provide a more comfortable playing experience.

  • Effortless when playing: Wide riser angle reduces resistance for immediate response
  • Embouchure comfort: Specially formed lip plate provides a comfortable and natural embouchure placement.
  • Expressive and open tone quality: The wider riser angle promotes quick response with an improved tone quality


    • Key of C
    • Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body
    • Silver Plated Headjoint
    • Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys
    • Offset G
    • Plateau Keys
    • Hidden Adjustment Screws
    • Ribbed Construction

Vivace by Kurioshi Ex Display £190 [was £229]

New flute that has been on Display in the shop.

The Vivace Flute outfit by Kurioshi  is a stunning example of a good first flute at a great price. The Kurioshi range of Vivace instruments are widely accepted by teachers as an excellent value-for-money starter instrument.

Durable first flute with silver-plated mechanism and free blowing headjoint.
E mechanism as standard
Extremely responsive head joint – ideal for beginners.
Yellow, double skin pads, with extreme attention to detail as regards pad fit.
High quality mechanism springs
Case, with strap.

SPECIFICATION.                                                                     Manufacturer:Trevor James, Lip Type:Traditional Lip, Split E Mechanism:Yes     Lip Riser: Plated,   Key Mechanism: Closed Hole, Headjoint Shape: Straight Head.  Footjoint Type: C Foot.

Second Hand Flutes

Second hand Flutes are sold as seen. However our woodwind specialist checks them over and makes sure that they are playable and ready for you to begin your musical journey. 

Second Hand Yamaha Yfl 311 £450

Intermediate Flute Model from Yamaha. A step up from the 211 series with a solid silver head joint.  Gives an even tone over the range of notes easily hitting the top ocatve and bottom octave with ease. Predecessor of the yfl 312 but still a very recognised and sought after model. 

This flute is in excellent conditon, it has some marks due to age but it is in very good working order. A very good way to step up your playing to the next level with out breaking the bank.  

Second Hand Yamaha Yfl 211 s11 £250

For many years the  YfL211 was Known as Yamaha's student model which was highly recomended by woodwind teachers as an excellent entry level flute. It has now been replaced by the 212 but due to Yamaha's manufacturing these older models are sturdy workhorses that will see you through your grades. The flute is in very good condition, it has some marks and is in good playing order.

Second Hand Gemeinhardt 2esp £120

 Second hand Gemeinhardt 2ESP Flute. The flute in in good conditon and playing order. Great for beggingers starting out on their musical journey.

The Gemeinhardt 2ESP student flute has been the choice of dealers and educators alike for decades.  Featuring the classic J1 headjoint, plateau keys, offset G, C footjoint, split-E mechanism and a durable sterling silver plated finish.

Second Hand La Fleur Flute £90.00

 Second hand LaFleur Flute. manufactured by boosey and Hawks these flutes are very sturdy in constrution and produce a nice tone. Fantasic for a begginer the flute has signs of age as well as a few scratches  to keys and lip plate but it plays well. A nice budget flute to get you started.