Lessons TOC


Payment of Lessons
Payment of lessons must be made at the start of each lesson in cash. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay at the time of the lesson, otherwise the teacher can refuse tuition; In this situation payment must still be made.
If you wish to pay by cheque, it should be monthly and in advance. Cheques are made payable to individual teachers and not Hannah's Music. We cannot accept Debit/Credit cards for lessons, Sorry !

Students are expected to arrive on time for lessons. If you are for any reason late, the lesson will still have to finish at the time booked. No refunds or adjustments to fees can be made in these circumstances. If it is your teacher running late for the lesson, you will still have your full time you booked. It is up to the teacher to make sure of this and make adjustments accordingly. In the event of a teacher being unavailable, every effort will be made to bring in a supply teacher. Students who do not turn up for a lesson with out valid reasons twice in a row will be crossed off the list, and their place offered to another student.

Rules for Cancellation
Cancellations should be made at least 24hrs before the lesson; for any cancellation after this period full payment should still be made. This includes sickness. As a courtesy, please allow us one weeks notice of cancellation if you are planning a holiday, and ensure you inform us how many lessons the student will miss. Please remember that all our teachers make every effort to be there for you, and can travel some distance to attend.

Cancellations and Adjustments must be made through Hannah's Music and not the individual teachers.